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Woolier's Harness

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Been Looking for a Harness for your Kitavali, Khnfu cat, redux or Spirit?
Check this out!

This harness Has all you could ask for:

-High definition textures

The base color comes in with a few versions for free, and most importantly, there's a substance painter file set up to make customizing and recoloring your harness as easy as possible! The default materials is also poiyoimi ready!

Pretty colors!

All one's Climbing needs easily solved, from the comfortable, colorful straps, to the shiny clips and dangly rings.

The D rings have physbones in them, making extra wiggly!

Wiggle wiggle

It has also been Rigged for the spirit, and it brings some new things!
Aside from being toggleable from the pre-existing VRchat toggles menu, it has a breathing animation and blendshapes to follow the customization of your avatar's proportions!

that harness can stretch :>

A quest version is available for All models, it has it's own scene, material, a dedicated Mesh and textures.

Massive thanks go to SnowsiePaws for help with testing.

Further info and ToS:

- You must still know the bare minimum about uploading an avatar before putting this on your avatar.

-You can use this on personal projects, private and public avatars, and for commissions. however, in the case of the latter, both you and the client must own the harness, of the version for the avatar in question. otherwise, publishing or sharing any of the files for harness is prohibited, including but not limted to selling pre made avatars with the harness on it.

-This does not include any asset, texture or material from any of the avatars featured in the pictures or videos.

-You will still need a minimal understanding of unity and avatar uploading in order to use this asset

-you will need poiyomi to display the textures properly, but you can set any shader using the textures provided.

-I cannot provide refunds for digital goods such as this one.

If anything is needed, feel free to contact me on on telegram ( Or Discord (Woolier#5426)

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Regardless of the version you buy, you will get:

Contains a quest ready version
Blend file
for all your blender needs. comes with a Quest version
Detailed instructions
Step by step guide for the specific model selected,
Substance Painter file
Set up to be as easy and quick to recolor and customize as possible.


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Woolier's Harness

2 ratings
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