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Woolier's Starbit

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Ooohh, shiny!

A free bit of a star! StarBit!

it can be put on any VRchat avatar.

This little fella will follow you around when you move. it can also be grabbed and positioned using a physbone!

look at that shiny thingie!

Starbits come in all kinds of pretty colors, choose the one you like the most using a Hue Slider!

shiny thing go rainbow :>

if you want to toggle it off and on, it's included in the menu!

Shiny go Poof!

Fancy yourself some music? so does the starbit! if you have Poiyomi pro 8.1, you can turn on audio link, it has three emissions, to make all kinds of pretty colors!


This asset is available for free, by typing 0 as your price, however, you can also give a tip by specifying any amount.

Either way, thank you very dearly for reading trough this silly page. i spent a few weeks working on this and fine tuning it.

Big thanks go to my dear friend SnowsiePaws, whom has helped a lot with testing and fixing things. :>

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A shiny starbit: an fbx, a blend file and unity package with detailed instructions


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Woolier's Starbit

10 ratings
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