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Synthavali - Kitavali retexture & animations

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A new face was seen exploring the caves. Their body akin to an Avali, but made of silica and fabric.
Their feathers bright, as if made of light, their eyes lit up with purpose.

This Texture will turn your Kitavali into a synth with holographic feathers, and bright eyes!
It includes custom animations to activate and deactivate hair, chest feathers and wings individually and smoothly. The seamless activation and deactivation animations lets you customize your feathers, using a handy submenu with custom icons.

The SubstancePainter File will allow you to change the colors of the texture with ease, as well as modify the overall look of the texture, the color of the feathers can be changed directly in unity!

The unitypackage contains a ready to go quest version of the texture and
a guide detailing step by step how to get the texture uploaded is included!

This Asset is sold on a Pay What You Want basis. Type in what you feel is a fair price for the work and effort put into it, or if you can’t afford to do so, you can also get it for free. I want everyone to be able to access this!

As per any digital content, refunds cannot be issued.
You are allowed to use this texture however you wish, so long as it isn't used for hateful purposes.
You're not allowed to sell the texture, althought sharing it is fine. Though, please consider sharing this page instead ( ), for whoever interested to download the asset directly from gumroad.

The kitavali is a VRchat model made by RaiKitamatsu, it will be necessary for you to own and have the model in your project. Fortunately, it is a free model available in their discord Server!

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A texture with custom animations to be applied to the kitavali

Written Guide
A Step by step guide is included for ease of installation and use
A unitypackage containing a scene that sets things up and the texture itself
SubstancePainter file
The .SPP file allows for easy modification of the texture
Quest version
A quest version of the texture is included and already set up for upload


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Synthavali - Kitavali retexture & animations

14 ratings
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