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Woolier's Glowstick

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Do you wanna stand out, Be the night's star? Or do you simply find glowing things neat?

Here's something for you :>

This shining glowstick for VRchat!. It's fully customizable in-game it can be put on any avatar, it has a Togglable Real Time Light and it includes:

•Toggles, to enable and disable the light or the glowstick entirely

The toggle menu in function

Toggle submenu

•A Range slider, to decide how far the light should reach

Range function in action

•A strength slider, to set how intense the light is

The strength radial doing it's job :>

•A Hue slider, to customize the color of your glowstick, its emission and the real time light on the fly


•Custom menu and submenu with icons

The main glowstick menu, with a submenu for toggles

•A physbone, for all your dangling needs

~Wiggle wiggle wiggle~

•A quest Version (currently doesn't support hue shift)

For those new to unity, or anyone that needs a refresher, a Comprehensive tutorial on how to get it on your avatar is included in the unitypackage.

For any issue you can reach out to me at on telegram or Woolier#5426 on telegram.

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SubstancePainter File, Unitypackage with Scenes and tutorial, FBX, PSD and CSP files, Blend file


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Woolier's Glowstick

2 ratings
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